• Job Type: Residential Subdivision
  • Number of Phases: 4
  • Total Costs: $13,055,771
  • Time Frame: Initial Budgeting 1996 through Final Construction 2000

Suncreek, located in Plano and Allen, Texas, involved the development of 641 residential single family lots, as well as improvements to Hedgecoxe Road, Alma Road and the construction of the Rowlett Creek Bridge. With an overall construction cost of $13,055,771, Lacy Construction overcame the initial challenge of how to resurrect a project that had been dormant for 10+ years. The answer: test, re-test, repair and correct previously laid utilities and various site improvements to city standards and owner expectations. A staff of estimators, project managers, subcontractors and experienced field personnel conducted the work. Not only did Lacy accomplish the task ahead of schedule, the natural beauty of the site was preserved, making Suncreek one of this area’s premiere residential developments. “Attitude is everything! And Lacy rates an A+ from my standpoint on this project. All elements for a successful project were there, especially in light of the contractor coordination necessary to successfully complete this residential development.”
Joel Robuck, Owner