• Denton Crossing – Denton, Texas
  • Job Type: New Retail Power Center (Commercial)
  • Number of Phases: 2
  • Total Costs: $7,522,272
  • Time Frame: Construction (August 2002 through August 2003)

Lacy was confronted with the complex problem of how to keep the main existing channel that was being monitored by the Corps of Engineers open to drainage, while at the same time relocating this channel without disrupting the flow of water. The challenge encountered involved how to coordinate all the cut to fill areas for the entire project in order to establish the flow of water to the proposed channel before cut could be removed from the proposed channel and placed in the existing channel. This challenge was magnified during the beginning of the project because the construction scheduled had to be maintained before authorization was granted to work in the channel by the Corps of Engineers under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. These complex problems were solved by heavy coordination of subcontractors and by establishing drainage to accommodate the entire site. The detailed phasing of the excavation process was a must to handle the problems in the existing and proposed channels. Lacy maintained a day to day schedule to complete the work on hand and adjusted crews to accommodate the aggressive schedule. “Hunt Properties feels great comfort knowing Lacy Construction has the ability to handle all of our construction and scheduling needs to meet our sometimes, ALMOST impossible commitments to tenants.” Ben Hummel, Vice President Hunt Properties, Inc.